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The adoption fee for the AKC puppy is $2250 with proceeds going to Artie's Fund. The fee includes vetting and transportation costs. Our Happy Dogs are in southern foster homes and will come to New England when they are adopted. Therefore, all our adoptions are long-distance and sight-unseen. That's why we carefully screen the dogs and the applicants to insure a good match and a successful adoption. You will receive extensive information about your dog, including a comprehensive phone conference with your Adoption Coordinator and the Happy Dog’s foster mom. However, we realize long distance adoptions are not for everyone and encourage you to look locally for a dog if you’re uncomfortable with our process.

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Have you ever owned a dog?
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Will your rescue dog be around children under the age of 10?

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How long at current address?

If rent do you have landlord's permission to have a dog?

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Will your dog receive obedience training?
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May we visit your home prior to adoption approval?

Are you aware that the annual cost to own a dog can exceed $500?

Do you understand your local ordinances for licensing and leashing?

Have you sold, given away, or surrendered a pet to a shelter, pound or humane society?

Have you or any member or your family been cited for animal cruelty?
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Privacy policy

Your privacy is critically important to us and we are committed to protecting your privacy. Happy Dog Rescue will not make your personal information available to any other organizations or companies.

We reserve the right...

to refuse any applicant for any reason if we feel the needs of the dog will not be properly met or the adoption is not in the best interest of the dog.

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